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Holiball® Inflatable Ornament - Orange - 18"

Holiball® Inflatable Ornament - Orange - 18"

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Holiball® Inflatable Ornament - Orange - 18"


Set up is simple. Just inflate, plug, and pop on the top.  Superior durability, UV resistant and specially engineered to withstand harsh climates. Shrink to store. You can eliminate the need for oversized storage units. The Holiball® shrinks to the size of a softball when deflated.

Every Holiball® comes with a hardware kit for anchoring. You can use this kit to anchor to the ground, walls or even add a weight to float them in your pool. You can attach fishing line to a dive stick and connect to the anchoring kit to ensure that the Holiball® stays upright and in position in your pool.

The Holiball® is made of a UV resistant engineered polymer. This is no rubber in the construction of the ornament so it will not dry rot. The UV coating will also protect it from fading in the sun.

 The material has been tested to withstand temperatures from -20 degrees to 120 degrees.

We guarantee the Holiball® will stay inflated for a minimum of 90 days. You can keep it inflated longer, but there is a chance you will need to add more air past 90 days.


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